Looking for An Asbestos Surveying Company?Check RJS Branch: London and Surrey Office

October 13, 2015

Management of asbestos waste is crucial in ensuring the people’s health and safety. Hence, looking for an asbestos surveying company should be the initial step. This asbestos company must have the knowledge and expertise in doing surveys to identify areas or establishments proneto asbestos waste and determine its condition. After which they have to decide on how to manage and dispose it properly.

This gives us an idea on what type of asbestos surveyors are we going to choose. We can do this by looking into their reputation, the qualifications of its personnel, feedbacks from previous companies who have hired them to handle asbestos waste management for their business firms and by a personal consultation with them.

Particularly for factories, health care institutions, schools, offices and other entities covered by Control Asbestos Regulations of 2012. Although domestic premises are not covered by this measures, it is advisable to be aware of this concern and the hazards it poses to our health, for us to come up with precautionary steps to safeguard our health.

If we look into RJS asbestos surveys,indeed, it has the requisites of a reliable surveying company. They are manned with a team of surveyors certified by BOHS P402, fully insured and in consonance with HSG364 Asbestos: The Survey Guide 2012 and The Analysts’s Guide for Sampling, Analysis and Clearance Procedures, RJS surveyors has handled Asbestos Management Surveys and Refurbishment/Demolition Surveys.

Once tapped to render services, properties that will be affected are put under their management, and they monitor asbestos containing materials (ACM) to ensure safety of residents or workers in a given area. As the survey is conducted, they also take into consideration the welfare of those affected. They don’t hesitate to walk an extra mile to serve their clients better. Professionalism is seen in the way they handle their clients, attend to their various concerns and provide quality service at a reasonable costs. They even conduct a re inspection survey to ascertain that everything is in good condition.

With London offices and a Surrey Branch, it won’t be hard for firms to get in touch with a London Company for their needs. With accessible offices located in various parts of UK, RJS can promptly cater to their queries and entertain negotiations. London surveys on asbestos containing products and structures are mostly done by RJS surveyors and have generated positive feedbacks from its clients.

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